Hearing Care Services

Audiological Evaluation

The audiological evaluation will assess an individual’s hearing as well as the health and condition of the auditory pathways and surrounding anatomy. The tests include otoscopic examination, middle ear analysis, acoustic reflex testing, acoustic reflex decay, air and bone conduction threshold testing, word recognition/speech testing, and otoacoustic emissions.

These test are essential in determining whether a hearing loss is the result of a medical condition and needs to be treated medically or if a hearing loss is the result of a non-medical condition such as presbycusis or noise exposure.

Hearing Aid Assessment Program

Those patients who report a hearing handicap as a result of their hearing loss will have the opportunity to participate in our Hearing Aid Assessment Program.

The first step in the program is the hearing aid selection. The selection process will focus on cosmetic concerns, appropriate technology, and cost.

The second step of the program will be the actual fitting and dispensing of the hearing aids. This will involve computerized programming of the hearing aids, assessment of physical fit, and a Real Ear Aided Response analysis (REAR).

The third step of the program involves the patient and their family and friends. The patient will have the opportunity to take the hearing aids home, assess the benefits among family and friends, and then make a decision based on the results.

Hearing Aid Services & Repair

Custom Swim Plugs

Cerumen Management (Ear Wax)

Advanced Tinnitus Management Devices

Ringing in the ears? Tinnitus (ringing) is a common problem among 30 million Americans. Fortunately, with recent developments in technology, we now have the tools to help manage or eliminate that ‘ringing’. Schedule today to experience the ZEN technology.

T.V. Loops Available

Eliminate the difficulties in hearing the T.V. The T.V. loop is available and easy to install. Take it home, plug it in and enjoy the clarity.